7 October 2018

What's In My University Bag?

Some of you who read my blog regularly will know that a couple of weeks ago I started back university to study Msc Marketing. With that came a whole load of extra stuff finding its way into my handbag, so in this post I wanted to share what was in my bag, in case any fellow students need some ideas what might be hand to keep in their bag for when you've got classes!

For all of the stuff that I carry for university I need a pretty big bag. The one I'm using right now is from Primark and only cost me £12! The side is a little broken but it has handles on it, so it will last a while longer! Even if my bag changes, the contents don't!

In the main section of my bag, the most important thing that I carry is my laptop. The laptop that I have is the 11.6 inch HP stream in blue. It's the perfect size for university in my opinion, as it isn't the full 15 inches of a normal size laptop, but its not tiny like a notebook, it's just right to fit in a handbag. Along with that of course I carry my laptop charger, and a phone charger, as some days I am out from 9am-6pm so I like to keep my devices charged.

In that main compartment I also carry an A5 lined notebook from Tiger and my 2018/2019 academic diary. I mostly type up my notes on my laptop during lectures, but the notebook comes in handy for when I don't, or for when I want to note down any details on the go. I use my academic diary for marking down what seminar work I have for the following week, and any assignment dates that I get.

The only other things that I carry in the main compartment are the book that I'm currently reading which right now is The Evidence Of Ghosts by A.K. Benedict. I keep my book on my so that if I have time on the train or between classes when I'm not working on classwork I can get some work done. I carry my BKR glass water bottle that I was gifted at a Swatch event a while back, so that I always have something to drink during class. I have a simple £1 clear pencil case filled with pens, for writing things down, of course.

In that compartment is alsp my purse of course, which houses my student card as well as my Scotrail Smartcard and other loyalty cards and money. Lastly is what I call my 'emergency kit', which is where I keep some things that are always handy to keep on you when you go out.

In my emergency kit I have a few things that I like to keep on me for days when I know that I am going to be out of the house for a long period of time, just in case I need them. The bag that I use to keep this stuff in is a clear one from Carmex with adorable xo's and lip prints on them.

I have a mini hairbrush so that if I get caught in the rain, and a handful of hair bobbles so that I can tie up my hair when it is getting in my way. I love have bobbles so that when my hair gets wet or if I'm sitting on the computer for ages and it starts to annoy me.

I also keep a roll on deodorant, right now it's the strawberry scented one from The Body shop, a mini body spray which is the Satsuma one also from The Body Shop and 4 perfume samples. Right now I have the Missguided Babe Power, DKNY Be Temped and 2 of the Dior J'adore samples. I love these little sample spray bottle perfumes for keeping in my handbags as they are the perfect size for taking around and keeping me smelling nice.

I always keep a couple of liquid lipsticks in my kit so that if I eat during the day I can fix my lipstick. Which ones I have on me usually change dependant on what I'm wearing that day, but right now it's Lime Crime's Cahsmere and Kat Von D's Lovecraft.

In here I keep a spare set of contact lenses because sometimes when I am out of a long time, or in particularly wet or ho environments, the lenses that I'm wearing dry out a little bit and become uncomfortable. 

Lastly, I keep a couple of strips of plasters in my kit because you never know when you, or someone else, is going to need a plaster. I mostly need them for when I'm wearing in new shoes and they cut open my heels!

At the front of my handbag is a zip compartment that I use for keeping some bits and bobs in. The stuff that I keep in here are mainly things that I reach for all the time, and it's pretty east to grab them from here. In here I keep my passport, so that if I need it for ID it's there. I also keep 2 sets of headphones in there for when I'm on the train or walking to and from university.

This is also where I keep strips of painkillers, because you never know when you or someone around you is going to need painkillers. A mini mirror is also something that I keep in here so that I can check my make up when I need to.

In here I also keep my portable iPhone charger. Even though I carry my charger cable with me, I always carry my portable charger so that I can charge my phone without having to have it plugged into the wall. Lastly there's my keys, which I keep in here so that when I get home after classes they are easy enough to just grab an get in.

A lot of what I keep in my university bag is similar to what I keep in my normal handbag, but I thought that this post might be handy for anyone who's thinking f what they could carry in their university bag.

What things do you regularly carry to university? Do you have separate bag for university/work & and going out? Let me know in the comments below!

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