3 November 2018

An Autumn PR Haul

In the past couple of months I have received some amazing bits of blogger mail, and while I'm working on some dedicated posts for these amazing items, I wanted to do a little haul on here as it's been ages since I've done a haul type post!

In this post I've got some bits from AO, Adagio Teas, CaseApp and Kiss to share with you!


One thing I love to collect is phone cases because I love swapping and changing my phone case on a regular basis to reflect how I'm currently feeling, what season it is, what I'm currently loving, you name it, I have a case for it! So when then team at CaseApp got in touch to see if I would like to review some of their amazing quality personalised iPhone cases, I jumped at the chance.

CaseApp is a Swedish brand who offer customised and personalised phone cases and laptop skins, with incredible quality for a great price. I picked up two phone cases to fit my iPhone 6s+, and decided to go with a floral theme. The cases and skins are completely personalised, which means you get to upload and chose your own photographs to use. I chose one that was a perfect autumnal case, and is currently on my phone, which is crisps orange and red autumn leaves. The second one I chose was of a photograph I took myself, of some absolutely stunning bouquets of flowers with soft, light pastel colours. I chose one darker design and one lighter to see how the picture quality would compare.

When the cases arrived I was stunned worth the quality for only £22. The cases are hard plastic cases that fit perfectly, and photographs that have been imprinted onto the case are absolutely perfect in quality. Not a single pixel of blur, and none of the colour has been compromised. They look amazing! I highly recommend them for personalised gifts, especially coming up to Christmas!

Kiss Products

If you follow me on Instagram then you've likely seen me gushing the last few weeks over Kiss products. I review 2 amazingly generous PR packages from them in recent weeks with a collection of their false nails and eyelashes. I've been a slowly working my way through them and each time I'm just as, if not more, impressed with how stunning their products are!

Although I usually keep false eyelashes only for special occasions, events or photographs,  when I do wear them its almost always Kiss lashes I reach for. I especially love their more natural sets because I have very light and straight eyelashes so the natural pairs really help to lift and fill out my lashes beautifully! Plus the lashes are always very long wearing and comfortable to wear, they don't feel stick or heavy on the eyes. It's actually a set of Kiss lashes that I'm wearing in my 4th birthday post for hiyaitsashley which you can read here if you'd like to see them in action.

What I've been loving the most however are the Kiss nails, in face they have fast become my favourite brand for false nails. Their designs are absolutely stunning, the nails are comfortable to wear, easy to apply and there's a good variety of shapes as well to change up the look.

In the package was a mix of the classic Kiss nails and the imPress manicures and I have found that I love both. The imPress manicures are so, so easy to apply with no fuss, no mess and no glue needed. These are perfect nails for wearing out to events to give your hands a nice little makeover and I especially love them as a blogger blog and Instagram photoshoots. The fact that they are so quick and easy to apply makes them the perfect nails for when I need to be taking a lot of product shots with my hands int hen, and I want my hands to look nice. I can have them popped on and photo ready in under 5 minutes!

The classic Kiss glue on nails are definitely my favourites though and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who likes press on nails. I've tried a selection of the different designs and shapes and each one has been a dream to apply, to remove and have felt comfortable to wear. I've had a host of compliments on my nails designs when wearing them, and even had a few people ask me who done my nails, only to be shocked when I tell them they are at home press ons because they look that good. A few have even said they would be going right out to pick a set up!

These are definitely a winner from me and I'll be making sure to repurchase some different sets once I run out of the ones I have at home!

AO & Nokia

Back in September I was contacted by the lovely team at the AO press office to see if I wanted to try out a few of their Nokia mobiles. I got sent over the Nokia 1 smartphone as well as a Nokia 3310, the classic 90s phone!

The Nokia 1 is a smartphone with the android operating system, a 4.5 inch display, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, with room for a MicroSD. Theres a 5MP camera on the phone with a LED flash which takes amazing photos for only 5MP! The phones come in an array of bright colours, and you can even change the  coloured backing if you'd like.

I love the way this phone operates, because even thought I'm an iPhone user through and through and probably always will be, I'll happily admit I'm a huge fan of the android operating system! He phone is fast and runs smoothly with no glitching, and the display is bright and responsive. It even has all of the standard apps you need like gmail and google, with access to the app stores to download anything else you might need.

The Nokia 3310 has had a bit of a makeover from what I remember the classic look of this phone to be, but to be honest, I quite like the new look. It's compact and sleek, and the array of fun colours you can get it in adds a quirky touch. I got mine sent over on his lovely yellow shade, which I love as I think yellow is such a fun shade that uplifts your mood, and reminds you of the sun. The phone still has all of the same features as the original, including my beloved Snake. Though, the snake game has changed quite a bit from the original so it's not quite the same!

The phone has the same 2MP camera, this time with and LED flash, and has up to 6.5 hours of battery time! Since it's a newer version of the classic phone it can download games and apps this time, and you can get fm radio as well as add a MicroSD card in case you need extra memory! This is a great little phone for someone in your life who just needs something simple and practical, but still highly functional!

Adagio Teas

Last month I received an amazing package from the team at Adagio Teas that contained a very generous selection of their bestselling loose leaf and bagged tea blends! In the package was also a beautiful red ceramic mug with an infuser as well as a packet of filters so I could make my own 'teabags' to enjoy the loose leaf teas in normal mugs!

The selection I was sent include some of their classic types like Earl Grey and their chai selection. Some of the other delicious sounding flavours include things like honeybush hazelnut, roboois vanilla chai and blood orange. The blood orange flavour was the first one I tried and it was delicious. I added a heaped spoonful of the loose leaves into the infuser mug I was gifted and let it steep. After a few minutes it turned a beautiful dark orange colour and smelled amazing. For my own personal taste I added a little sugar to make it a touch sweeter, and it was delicious!

On top of that already generous selection, I was sent a few of their Christmas selections which I was so happy about because while I love the other teas for Autumn, I cannot wait to get stuck into Christmas drinks! So far from the Christmas sets my favourite is definitely candy apple! It tastes delicious! The Christmas set even comes with adorable little decorative tins with Tina with your loose tea in them, which is adorable I think as a gift!

So those are some of the amazing bits of blogger mail I've had recently! I always inbox my blogger mail over on my Instagram stories if you want to see that in real time, but I thought it would be a nice little change of pace to share some bits on here as well, especially these bits I've been really loving lately!

Have you tried our any of these brands or products? What is something you've bought recently that you love? Let me know in the comments below!

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