30 December 2018

Reviewing My 2018 Blogging Goals

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and with that in mind it's time for me to look back at the blog goals that I set for hiyitsashley back in January, and see how I got on with them.
In January I posted my 2018 blogging goals (check it out here for a refresher), where I st myself some blogging goals and some numeric goals for followers and such, and over the course of the year I was working towards these goals. Since this year is coming to a close I thought it was time to look back over these goals and see if I achieved them!

A New Look

One of the first goals that I set was to get a new look for hiyaitsashley, including a new theme and a new banner. I got my new theme off of Etsy and I really love it, and my new banner is one that is based off of my business cards like I planned. I am really happy with how my blog looks now with this new theme and header!

Keep Updated

This was a really big one for me as last year I only managed to get 17 posts up over the entire year, and had months at at a time with no new posts going live, so I wanted to avoid that this year and aim to get as many posts as possible up this year, an the the only month I missed posting was April which was mostly due to dissertation hand in so that is fine with me! This year was a huge improvement over last year and I am really proud of that, as I've had 50 new posts up, 51 counting this one!

Improve My Photography

Improving my photography was something that I really wanted to work on this year and I think I've done amazing with that, both on my blog and my Instagram so I'm really proud of that! I've been playing around with taking my photos in new place and a different style of editing and I think it has really paid off!


I am always incredibly grateful for every collaboration that I get offered here on hiyaitsashley so in 2018 I wanted to really keep up the quality of my blog so that I would be able to continue working with amazing brands and companies and I think it has worked! In 2018 I got to work with a lot of amazing brands here on my blog, including having my first ever sponsored post in 4 years of hiyaitsashley, which was this amazing collaboration with Feel Good Contacts! That collaboration in particular was one that was I incredibly proud of!

Keeping Social

My social media goal has been a bit hit an miss this year. I wanted to make sure I was being more active on social media, and for some I have been really active and engaging with my readers, and others not so much. I've had my Instagram linked up to my hiyaitsashley Facebook page which has kept my page a little more active, and now and then I'll share photos to the page or an update if I'm doing something fun and blog related. I don't post too often on Twitter now but I do keep it up to date now and then if I have something to say.

Instagram has been my biggest social media this year for sure, I've been keeping active on there much more than any other social media, posting daily for most of the year as well as keeping my story active almost every day. So if you want to keep up to date with what is going on, you can find my Instagram here, and check out all my 2018 goings on under the highlights!

Goals In Numbers

Along with those goals, I set myself a few goals in numbers that I was hoping to reach by the end of 2018. So now it's been a year, I want to look back and see how I did.

New Posts Uploaded: Minimum of 50-60
This post marks my 51st post of the year, meaning that I hit this goal right as the end of the year, which is oddly satisfying!

Brand Collaborations: 10
This year I have been incredibly lucky with the opportunities I've had on my blog, I've had a whopping 16 blog collaborations this year and one of which was hiyaitsashley's first ever sponsored post! 

Twitter Followers: 3,000
 This one came an went this year, I hit my 3,000 follower goal on the 23rd of February but I am now back down to 2,968 which is likely due to being less active this year so that's okay!

Bloglovin' Followers: 700
For my Bloglovin' goal I am pretty close to reaching it, sitting now at 694 followers, just 6 away from goal! Bloglovin' seems to be popping up less and less on social media now, so this one may be a tad redundant!

Instagram Followers: 400
Instaram was by far my biggest success for 2018, with 400 followers hit on the 30th of January, and 500 hit on the 9th of February. Now, at the end of 2018 after starting it out with less than 400, I now have 825 followers which is around double my following! I am so proud of this because I have been working so hard on my Instagram this year, so it means a lot to me that this hard work has paid off!

Facebook Likes: 300
This one was another hit and miss, where I hit 300 on the 30th of January, but I am not back down to 295!

When I look back at everything I've achieved on my blog this year, I am incredibly proud of myself and my little space on the internet. I've had a lot of success and put a lot of hard work and effort into my content this year, so I'm very proud of how it has paid off.

This year I also celebrated hiyaitsashley's 4th birthday back in September which was a proud moment for me, I can't believe it's been 4 years already! I've had my first sponsored post, gotten to head back to Go Ape for anther adventure, attended both annual St Enoch press events again, and been able to work with one of my favourite brands, Kiss!

208 has been a really great year for hiyaitsashley, so here's to 2019! Hopefully it's just as amazing for my blog as this year was!

Did you set any blogging goals in 2018? Did you meet them?

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