28 May 2019

A-Z of hiyaitsashley

For today's post, I thought it would be fun to do an A-Z of hiyaitsashley so that I can share some more little details about myself and my blog!

I really love reading A-Z posts so here we go, the A-Z of hiyaitsashley!

That's me, hiya! In case you hadn't already guessed that much, my name is Ashley! I'm currently a Masters student at Glasgow Caledonian University studying MSc Marketing and graduating in November 2019!

This seems like an obvious one since this is, in fact, a blog, shocker! I've been blogging for 4 years already (you can read my 4th birthday post here), and it will be 5 years this coming September, so it's a huge part of my life.

Not only has it been a big part of me personally, but it's been a big part of my academic life too, with both my dissertations focusing on influencer's (ie, blogging, vlogging and social media), and it's a part of the career path I want to go down. So yeah, it's a big part of me.

I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and candy, crisps and desserts are my weak spots, I'm such a sucker for anything sweet! Ice cream is one of my favourite sweet treats is ice cream. Vanilla is my favourite flavour out fo the traditional ones, but I'm a sucker for quirky flavoured ice creams. Kinder, Nutella and Ferrero Rocher are my favourites!

I am a huge dog lover much like a huge portion of the rest of the world. My family has a beautiful 2-year-old Doberman called Broxi who literally owns my whole heart, he is the cutest doggo ever. He's in the terrible 2's stage right now so he can be a bit of a pain in the bum, but he's so worth it. That being said my all time favourite breed of dogs are pugs and frenchies, they're just so damn cute!

If you didn't see my last blog post or you don't follow me on social media then you might not know that I recently got a job, and that job was with Equator in Glasgow! I'm there as an Outreach Executive which is one of my dream positions I could be in as I get to spend a pretty big chunk of my week writing content in a whole bunch of genres! One minute I've been writing about football injuries, the next it's how to budget for a wedding.

Family is something that is very, very important to me. Now, don't get me wrong we fight like cat and dog from time to time, especially given that my immediate family is 4 women (3 adults and one teenager) and one man. But, I still know that they'll always have my back and I'll always have theirs. The same goes for my extended family, we're all very close and they all mean the world to me.

Game of Thrones
I loved the finale episode, controversial, I know. But I think it rounded off well. I always had a feeling Dany wouldn't survive the final episode, but I was rooting for Sansa on the iron throne. Queen in the North though, not a bad compromise at all! Thank god they didn't kill off Tyrion, he was my absolute favourite!

I was late to the GoT party given that I only started watching it back in March but I was well and truly hooked once I started watching it. I binged all 7 seasons before May just in time to watch the final season when it came out!

Horror films/shows/books are my favourite things ever, I love a good scary story whether that's on page or screen. They're tied with comes for my favourite genre. If I had to choose a favourite I think I'd have to go with a three-way tie between Scream, Halloween and IT for the top spot, they were all amazing!

Iron Man
I love pretty much all superheroes but Iron Man is my all time favourite. I just love him, he is hilarious and Robert Dowey Jr is literally the best actor that could have been cast to play the character. Plus he is just so funny.


I feel like since I pointed out Iron Man as my favourite superhero, then it's only fair if I highlight my favourite supervillain too. For me, Joker is my favourite supervillain. I know they are from different franchises but honestly, I don't areas I like both.

In the movies, it's a tie between Heath Ledger and Jared Leto for me. Heath Ledger's Joker was the first one I ever saw and loved, he is iconic. But I also love Jared Leto and I think he played the Joker really well in his (far too short in my opinion) role in Suicide Squad.

Kind is one thing that I always try to be to everyone. I don't care who the person is, what their race is, their beliefs, their sexual orientation, all of that. I just try to be kind to everyone until they give me a reason not to be.

One thing anyone who knows me would (hopefully) say about me is that I'm a good laugh. Laughter is a big part of who I am. I love to laugh and I really love to make other people laugh. When I can make family and friends laugh I feel like I'm doing something good, like making their day a little bit better, even for just a little while. Besides, who doesn't like a good laugh?

It's what I'm studying, it's the field I work in - how could it not make the list? I've wanted to work in the marketing sector for a long time in different branches. Right now I'm in the outreach side of things, but I would also love to dabble in social media, PR, advertising, even management eventually. It's such a great industry and I just know it is the one I'm meant to be in.

Pretty simple this one, nachos are my all time favourite food. If I had to choose one meal to eat as my last meat, this would be right up there in the top three. It would be between nachos, mac and cheese and chicken and broccoli risotto.

I am a very opinionated person, I know it and everyone around me knows it. Some people love it, some people hate it. Personally, I love it because I love being able to get involved in all kinds of discussions with other people. It's hard to do that when you don't have an opinion on the topic!

Pineapple is one of my all-time favourite fruits. In fact, I would say it's tied with mango for the top spot! I love anything pineapple flavoured, and one of my favourite cocktails is a Pina Colada, all thanks to the pineapple!

Quiz Shows
I love quiz shows. I barely watch actual live TV but when I do, game shows are pretty much 90% of what I watch. I really love The Chase and Tenable, those are definitely my two favourites. I think I'd be great on Tenable because I know a tonne of random knowledge about random subjects. Who Dares Wins is another great one, naming as many things as possible in a randomly chosen category? Sign me up!

Real-Life Crime Shows/Stories
I mentioned before that I love horror movies but I also really love TV shows and films, or documentaries about real-life crime, My favourites are documentaries on serial killers but anything about crime and prisons etc I love. I find the topic so fascinating.

I am a proud Scot, in case that wasn't already obvious. I was born and raised here and I love being Scottish. We have (in my opinion) some of the best history, scenery, culture and people in the world. Our sense of humour is my favourite thing ever.

TV Lover
As much as I love movies, I'm a big TV person. I love getting stuck into a new boxset or a new series and binging it from start to finish. I did this with Scream, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, You, White Collar... I love it!

I pride myself on being someone who is and tried very hard to be understanding towards people. Regardless of what people are going through, mad at or upset about about I always try to understand how they are feeling, even if it's not something I'm familiar with or even when it's something I disagree with.

Very Loud
It's true, I'm a very loud person. I am constantly told by family how loud I am, but honestly, I don't mind. I'm usually loud because I'm happy or excited or just invested in the topic I'm talking about. I think it gives me character, and in some ways, I like to think that by having such a big character, sometimes that makes other people feel a bit at ease. I would definitely rather be loud and myself and make people constable or give them a giggle than be quiet and very serious and make people feel nervous.

In case it wasn't obvious, what with owning a blog, getting a job that involved writing content and having one of my life goals being to write a book, I love writing. It's something I've always loved and one of the few things I know I am truly good at.

I love my Xbox so it had to make the list. I use it for playing video games mostly (duh), but also 95% of the Netflix I watch is on my Xbox.

(Generation) Y
That's right, I'm Gen Y. Also known as everyone's favourite; the millennials. Loads of people seem to think badly of millennials for some reasons, but speaking as part of the generation who is going to be the ones dealing with the current state of the world, not the ones creating it, I think we're doing pretty damn good.

What can I say, I love to sleep? It's one of my favourite hobbies and well deserving of a place on this list.

I hope that this fun little A-Z has helped you get to know the girl behind the blog a little bit more! This post was a lot of fun to write. Some of these letters were way easier to think of ideas for than others, I was particularly proud of my generation Y idea!

What's one letter and corresponding word/thing that represents you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. We have writing (duh) and quiz shows in common! I watch Jeopardy! with my grandma every single night haha!

    Rachel || http://anotherstationanothermile.com