25 May 2019

Scotland's First Selfie Store

This week has been a busy one for the lovely staff over at St Enoch Centre in Glasgow. Thursday night saw the opening of Scotland's first selfie store in celebration of the centre's 30th birthday. I popped along to the opening event on Thursday night so if you want to know a little more about the pop-up selfie store just keep reading!

On the 23rd of May St Enoch Centre in Glasgow celebrated a whopping 30 years of being open. As they always do with any big occasion, season or holiday the centre celebrated in style and this one was no exception. This year the celebration took the form of launching Scotland's first ever selfie store with an amazing pop-up even in the centre. Those of you who read my blog or know me will know that St Enoch is my favourite place in the city centre to shop, so I was really excited to be one of the handful of people invited along to the launch. So, let's get into what went on!

The pop-up itself is located on the first floor of the centre just across from the Samsung store, and it a lot larger on the inside than it looks from the outside which is pretty cool. There are 6 selfie setups to choose from inside the room, each with its own theme going on.

Going from right to left when you enter the store is how I would go as the sets get better and better as you move around. The first one you come across is a beautiful fake greenery set. There's a little armchair covered completely in fake grass so you can get comfy and post away, and lovely big fake flowers too!

The set next to the is a little nod to St Enoch with a bright striped floor and walls, pastel balloons and, of course, a giant birthday cake! There's even a little set of steps inside this giant cake so you can stand inside and get a cute photo much like the one at the start of this post!

At the far end of the store is my favourite of the sets which is the pink and floral themed set. This one is a mix of bright and pastel pinks with some fake cherry blossom trees, garlands of flowers and a pink vintage telephone box. It's so aesthetic and I want one for my bedroom!

The remaining 3 sets are over on the left of the store. First is the flamingo pool which is another pink set, only this time it has a huge flamingo pool inflatable and a pool made of foam bricks and full of foam chunks that you can climb into!

Next to that is one of the cutest sets which is an all yellow set with a clawfoot bathtub full of plastic toy balls, a wall of mini yellow rubber ducks and one big rubber duck to complete the look. I loved this one, it was so bright and summer and something about rubber ducks are just so cute!

Last, but by no means least as it one of my favourites, was the neon set. This one has a whole wall of brightly lit neon lights that you can pose in front of. I really loved the vibe this one gave off, it felt very edgy and club-y which was pretty cool, and the lights gave off a really cool blurry effect at some angles that makes you look really cool and badass!

As well as having all of these amazing set-up selfie stations around the room there were also little stands set out by some of the different beauty and skincare brands that you can find in the centre. I had a lovely chat with one of the Kat Von D make-up artists who was telling me all about their new mascara. Now, if you know me then you know that I love, love, love the Kat Von D brand. I love the base products, the lip products and readers of my blog already know that the Shade and Light eye palette is my holy grail neutrals palette, so I was so excited that they've got a new launch. She was even nice enough to send me away with a sample of the new mascara which I cannot wait to try.

The skincare expert from Clarins was also extremely lovely. She was talking all about their new launches and even did a little skin analysis on me which was pretty cool. She told me I have great hydration in my skin, that I have very smooth skin which doesn't break out often because I have slightly dry skin (true), even that I usually tend to sleep on the right side of my face (also true) just by doing a simple test of my skin. Then, she used that analysis to make me up a little personalised bg od samples with products that would work well with my type of skin which I really loved because it made everything feel a little more personal.

The last little booth I stopped by was the Body Shop one because I love the Body Shop, everyone knows that. I noticed that they have a new coffee face mask out which I am dying to try out, as well as new banana products. I love the Body Shop's banana scent so I'm really happy that they've decided to add more products to the range.

Along with the make-up and skin care brands on show, St Enoch had set out some rails filled with new releases and on-trend items that the brands the centre's houses had on sale. I noticed a lot of the brands had items that were very bright in colour, which makes sense with us now going into the main summer months. There was also a lot of patterns I could see, a lot of them floral which I like as I love a nice floral pattern on clothes.

The St Enoch selfie store is going to be open to the public every Friday - Sunday from 12-6pm from yesterday through to the 9th of June, as well as this coming Monday the 27th of May. While the selfie store is free to visit and enjoy, visitors are welcome to make a donation to one of the St Enoch's centres charity partners.

If you happen to visit this weekend and share your selfie on social media along with #StEnochSelfie you could be the lucky winner of £250!

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your selfie on!

Which of these 6 backgrounds would you love to try out the most? Are you a big selfie taker? Let me know in the comments!

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