Hi there! My name is Ashley, and welcome to my blog, hiyaitsashley!

I've been running my blog for 3 years now, detailing my interests through posts about some of my biggest interests.

I'm currently a 4th year student at Edinburgh Napier University, studying Communication, Advertising and Public Relations. I'll be graduating this year (2018), and after that I'm hoping to get myself a job in the PR sector, as over the years I've found that;s where my passion lies.

If you read my blog or follow me on social media, you'll know that my interests vary. I love make up, food, gaming and TV/Movies among other things. My favourite breed of dog is a pug, my favourite movie (of all time), is a toss up between Dirty Dancing and Scream (not much difference, eh?). I love music and concerts, so far the best one I have been has either been Little Mix, Nicki Minaj or Ed Sheeran.

I love food, and have a huge sweet tooth. Italian food or Chinese are my two favourites thought, anything in involving pasta, garlic bread, or just carbs in general and I'm sold.

I love spooky stuff, and am a big fan of horror movies, shows and games. I'm also a huge nerd so I love some superhero action, anything to do with space or history. I'm also obsessed with YouTube, and I love conspiracy theories.

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