Privacy Policy

This privacy policy serves the purpose of telling you all you need to know about how your personal data is collected, used and stored here on hiyaitsashley.
So, what types of data do I collect?

Website Cookies

Cookies are used by hiyaitsashley to collect data about your browsing habits. Cookies are found inside the device you use to view this site to monitor things such as when you visit hiyaitsashley. These cookies do not collect any personal data such as your name or address, all they collect is information about your browsing habits on hiyaitsashley. This data is used by me to improve my blog but monitoring traffic and the success of the content on my blog. Cookies can be disabled in your browser, depending on which internet browser you are using.

Google Analytics

When you visit hiyaitsashley I use a third-party service, Google Analytics, to collect standard statistics and details of the behaviour patterns of the people who visit my blog. By doing this, I am able to collect data such as the number of people who view my blog, what times have the highest traffic and what content people are enjoying the most. This information is collected in a general sense, which means none of the data collected by Google Analytics can be identified as coming from any one specific person.

Third-Party Widgets

Here on hiyaitsashley, I have third-party widgets installed on my blog which allow visitors and followers to easily navigate around my blog and social media channels. These widgets are Bloglovin’ and Instagram. I am in no way affiliated with these services and while these services are abiding by current GDPR regulations, I am in no way connected to any data collected from these sites.
Click here for Bloglovin’s Terms Of Service and here for Instagram’s Data Policy.

This privacy policy will be reviewed and updated regularly, with subsequent changes being made as and when they are needed.
Last updated on August 23rd 2019.

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