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Over the past 4, going on 5 years of running my blog, I have had a chance to work with some amazing brands and PR companies on a number of collaborative projects.

I'm always open to working with new people, so if you would like to find ouT a bit more about how you can work with hiyaitsashley you can contact me via email.

Listed below are some of the collaborations and brands that hiyaitsashley has collaborated with in the past.




hiyaitsashley In Numbers

DA - 12
All Time Page Views - 101,009
Average Monthly Views (as of July 2019); 4,000

Bloglovin' - 688
Twitter - 2,972
Facebook - 297
Instagram - 729


hiyaitsashley is a PR friendly blog, and as such, some of the post shown on the website will contain gifted items, affiliate links, or cover branded events and experiences.

These products and experiences will be highlighted as such in the appropriate posts.

All reviews and opinions are 100% genuine and are not influenced in any way by the brand or company.

Items that have been gifted will be used and reviewed in the same manner as a product I have bought with my own money.

Opinions are my own and are formed over time using and trialling an item. Where a product is a beauty or skincare related, posts will be no less than an average of 2-3 weeks after receiving the items so that a genuine review of how the product performs and works can be given.

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